End of the line

End of the line
Down on my knees
Asking for forgiveness
Asking direction
Wondering where to go

See it clearly
Think it properly
Life is short
Heart is big yet heavy

End of the line
Where to go?
End of the line
Where does my heart go?
End of the line
Will the heart ever mend?
End of the line
Let me have another journey
End of the line
Show me the direction

It is as it is
Accept it
Don’t deny it
Just buckle up
Get yourself together
Just don’t give up
Hanging there

That’s it
End of the line


Pendar Mentari

Tinggi Engkau meletakkannya
Jauh Engkau menempatkannya
Tapi pendarnya tembus celah-celah alam
Mentari yang Engkau letakkan itu
Masih menyala dan masih membakar
Mentari yang Engkau tempatkan itu
Masih memerah dan masih menyilaukan
Tapi pendarnya tembus celah-celah alam

Kapankah Tuhan kami sadar?
Kapankah Tuhan kami siaga?
Kapankan kami akan mengerti?
Akan kebesaranMu
Akan keajaibanMu
Akan hadirMu
Akan kasihMu
Akan jati diriMu yang sebenarnya

Akankah ada kisah tentang kami
Yang bercerita akan kasih setiaMu?
Akankah ada kisah lagi tentang kami
Yang akan bercerita tentang hidup damai karena kami sadar?
Ataukah hanya akan ada kisah tentang kekaguman akan pendar mentari

Dimana lagi kah Tuhan, kami akan berlindung
Jika hujan sengsara deras menerpa?
Dimana lagi kah Tuhan,kami akan bernaung
Jika pendar mentari tak lagi bersahabat

Biarlah Tuhan kami sadar
Biarlah Tuhan kami siaga
Biarlah Tuhan kami mengerti
Biarlah Tuhan pendar mentari itu tetap ada
Mengusik hati kami menembus celah-celah jiwa
Pendar mentari kehidupan

Prayer of comfort for the family and friends of The 96 Hillsborough

I walked a mile with Pleasure;
She chatted all the way;
But I was none the wiser
For all she had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow
Never a word spoke she;
But oh! The things I learned that day
When sorrow walked with me

Heavenly Father, the families and friends of the 96 have walked so many miles with sorrow and still their journey continues.
Tonight we pray for them all, knowing that each of the families have their own memories, heartaches and sorrows to bear.

Minister your comfort in their ongoing trauma.
Bind up the wounds of their painful memories.
Bring healing to their broken hearts and grant them ‘the peace that surpasses all understanding’ in the midst of their pain.

Where there is injustice bring truth
Where there is anger bring calm
Where there is weakness bring strength
Where there is weariness bring rest
Where there is doubt bring faith
Where there is despair bring hope
Quieten their fears, dry their tears and heal their hurt.

We ask this in the name of Him who is ‘the man of sorrows and acquainted with grief’ who brings hope to all our hearts, even Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

From Liverpool FC official website.