We’re glad to have each other

Here it comes, spring again
Though the cold still around
The flowers start to bloom

I wish to have a good spring
Sit under the tree
Enjoy the moment of romance
Just you and me

We will talk about love
The story that never ends
From the very old ages
And for every beginning

As we lay down and look up to the sky
We will talk about the future
Declare our dreams and our passions
Try to imagine how the future will be
With us in it to make the changes

We will picture our thoughts with the clouds
Shape it to the form we imagine
Play with it to share the love we have

Then I will hold your hand and say:
“I love you with all my heart”
And you will smile and say:
“I love you too with all my heart”

As we close our eyes
Feel the breeze of spring
We will definitely say:
“We’re glad to have each other”


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