You’ve been an inspiration

I want to write a poem again
But I can not find the idea
Since I haven’t met you recently
I have nothing to write on this page

Then I read my poem on the other page
I can see you in it shining
Drawing you as my perspective
Make me smile to know my feeling

Right now I have realized
Far from the star that shine’s at night
Near from my heart inside
You’ve been inspiring me

I can write about your smile
Describe how it’s affect my feeling
Like a flower that blossoms in spring
Drive me to the moment I won’t forget

I can write about your face
Its shape when you are tired
The shining eyes that dazzle me
With the words that pop up from my heart

I pattern every moment with you in poems
Draw a feeling with words and rhyme
Showing every drop of love I have
To you as the inspiration of every poem


I will write again and again
Our every moment in poems
As a picture of feeling and dream
With you who have been an inspiration


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