Do I hate myself?

I hate myself today
For I do nothing in my research
For I really quit and no passion
For wasted my time along day
For everything seem goes wrong

I hate myself that day
For nothing I tell her about my feeling
For no confidence at all in front of her
For jealousy I have when I saw someone beside her
For everything I’d done that made her confuse

I hate myself
When I’m still walking on the wrong way even I know it
For every sin I have but still can’t move on
When I saw the poor people but I can do nothing
For every time gone with no gain even a moment

I hate myself
For thought that I know something but I didn’t
For stuck on something I don’t like
For nothing I can do to help my friend
For every moment that gone with no memories

Do I hate myself?
Can I be friendly to myself?
Do I have to forgive myself on those thing?
Can I become better than that?

Seems so pessimistic inside me right now


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