Feeling About You

I have feeling about you
I really don’t understand what it is
But I do really have feeling about you

Sometime it makes confusing
Losing appetite
Don’t feel hungry
Foods become waste
‘Though I have money to buy it

At this rate, I can still control it
But I really don’t know whether I can’t hold it
Just waiting for it to blow and say it out loud

I don’t know what your feeling is
But I hope that you have feeling about me
Even it’s almost impossible

I realize that may be impossible for me to have your feeling
Coz we don’t know about something that we shouldn’t know
So I hope you will understand the feeling about you inside my heart

*Training mode on


3 thoughts on “Feeling About You

  1. Kalo membingungkan memang tujuannya tercapai dek…
    karena itulah cara untuk mnyembunyikan sesuatu yang tak bisa diungkapkan semua di sini… xixixixi…

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